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Store-it! has now been acquired by Extra Space

Extra Space Self Storage
Extra Space Self Storage offers simple storage solutions for personal, commercial and wine storage customers at five high-quality, clean and secure self storage facilites across Singapore. Our facilities are located at Boon Keng Road, IMM Building, Marymount Road, Eunos Link and West Coast. Do feel free to contact us at Extra Space for more information at +65 6771 3100.


Store-it! Self Storage specialises in delivering high quality, on-demand storage solutions for a busy and demanding clientele.

We develop and operate modern self storage facilities for personal, business and leisure storage. We provide room temperature storage, air-con storage as well as a specially designed wine storage section for wine collectors.

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We realised that time is of great importance to our customers, so we have devised a 4-step storage process that is quick and simple so you can spend more time organising your storing needs.

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The use of packing accessories such as Cartons, Tissue Paper, Tape, Bubble-wrap, and Stretch Film will maintain and protect your goods whilst in storage.

Fridges and freezers should be thoroughly CLEAN and DRY before storing.

Place a layer of packing (e.g. scrunched paper or linen) inside the bottom and top of cartons containing breakables.

Place loose photographs between pieces of clean cardboard and tape them
        together to avoid curling.

We recommend the removal of batteries in your battery operated appliances and toys to avoid any damage, as batteries can leak.

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